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January 27, 2015

A Taste For Adventure, this weekend from 1-6 pm @ Creative Collective

This weekend Creative Collective is holding a weekend affair, A Taste For Adventure.

In line with our mission to connect and promote the growth of Shanghai's independent, creative community our collaborative event will feature:

A photography exhibit and print sale for Dutch director and photographer, Marc Ressang.

Creative Collective co-founder, Xin Zhao's new collection launch for her own accessories brand, RE.

Elevated simplicity from womenswear brand, Tutto Clara.

Handmade, organically inspired jewelry from Elaia.

Chic yet playful dresses from independent designer label, Echo Cao.

Free drinks and food courtesy of The Eating Project.

It'll be test batch 2 &3 for them chocolate coconut balls.

A Taste For Adventure
Saturday January 31-Sunday February 1 (1-6 pm)
Lane 108 Changshu Lu House 6 1F near Changle Lu


January 22, 2015

A Taste For Adventure: Marc Ressang

Dutch photographer and filmmaker Marc Ressang will be holding a weekend exhibit and print sale for his photographic work at Creative Collective on Saturday January 31st and Sunday February 1st from 1-6 pm.

荷兰制片人兼摄影师Marc Ressang下周末下午1点到6点(1月31日到2月1日)在Creative Collective举办摄影展,届时将会出售其摄影作品。

Self-taught in the medium, his work has been featured on National Geographic's global website and China's print edition, by Vice, Smartshanghai along with other independent publications.

Ressang自学摄影,其作品在<<国家地理>>国际网站,<<国家地理>>中文杂志,Vice, Smartshanghai等媒体发表过。

Originally begun as creative outlet during his undergraduate studies in international business, Ressang has now been working professionally in the field for over three years.

Prior to his upcoming art show we caught up with him about his work:

What do you enjoy about shooting? What do you prefer to shoot?

I enjoy travel photography the most. The most fulfilling feeling comes from being able to capture a moment from your own experience and being able to translate it into something visual for other people to see.


Do you have a favorite photo you have shot so far? Could you tell me a bit about where it was taken and what you find special about the image?

One of my favorite photos is this one [The Tibetan horse rider]. I took it last summer during a trip to Sichuan. I like the way how it captures the pride of the Tibetan people and their cultural heritage.


What has been your most exciting moment so far in terms of either work or milestones?

Getting my work published in National Geographic Traveller China was pretty great. Not the real deal (National Geographic International) but it's a start. Also doing my exhibition on Nightlife in Shanghai was a good way to end that chapter.


Where do you see your work going in the next few years? 您未来几年有何计划?

I'm doing more and more video projects and keeping still photography as a non-commercial creative outlet.

This event is part of Creative Collective's weekend affair:
A Taste For Adventure
Saturday January 31-Sunday February 1 (1-6 pm)
Lane 108 Changshu Lu House 6 1F near Changle Lu


December 09, 2014

The Back Streets Of Shanghai Part 1

November 11, 2014

The REdesigns Showroom x Creative Collective Pop-up Shop Is Officially Open

It's been a pretty wild ride so far trying to build up a studio. It is great though that we are now moving forward from a shared open studio office space/ event venue into a fully fledged showroom for my business partner's own brand RE and a pop-up space for independent designers who are looking for temporary space. We've even enclosed our outside courtyard so now we've got a little art gallery, yeah! I'm really looking forward to how things will continue to develop in the next year. 
November 10, 2014

Bookbag Charity Book Fair Donation!

Sunday's collaborative event the Bookbag Charity Book Fair went pretty well! We raised 2,120 RMB to donate to Shanghai Young Bakers.

October 30, 2014

Hang Out November 12..

I love this poster that Xin Xin, our studio's Creative Director designed, so cute, so happy and fun!
October 29, 2014

China Fashion Week.. Work Tumblr Tumbles

Check out the post here

Check out the post here

October 27, 2014

Beijing In Portrait

October 27, 2014

Beijing In Landscape

October 25, 2014

Bookbag Charity Book Fair Sunday November 9th!

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